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2019 Denver Pop Culture Con Report

This was the first year the convention formerly known as Denver Comic Con was named Denver Pop Culture Con, and if this past weekend was any indication, it was a positive change. I used to gripe that the hardest place to sell comic books (or books of any kind) was at a convention with “comic” in its name, and it may well be true, since I was extremely happy to say that I sold 23 copies of There’s a Zombie in the Basement this year. But, it was more than that… I had several parents stop by to tell me my book was their kids’ favorite book; Anna Duncan, a preschool teacher and purveyor of Storytime with Miss Anna, tell me she can’t read my book in class anymore, or her kids won’t stop asking her to read it again 😂; and I had a customer nearly break down in tears at how happy she was about the zombie caricature I drew for her.

Well, with the good comes the bad. I’m running out of books. But, I knew that, and I ended up launching my Kickstarter campaign for my 3rd edition printing this weekend. With that, I offered my first backer at $20 or more that came to my table on Saturday a FREE zombicature, so I would like to start off by congratulating my friend and fellow author, Dacia Arnold on winning this prize!

If you didn’t win, don’t worry, I have many more chances to win, including a weekly social media contest! Each week, I will draw the name (username, etc.) of someone who shared my Kickstarter campaign at random, and I will visit a school of their choice for FREE (a reading and an interactive monster drawing demo – Skype options are available outside of the Denver Metro Area)!

Here’s a gallery of drawings I did at Denver Pop Culture Con this weekend:

I received 44 zombie, pony, and other types of commissions this weekend (81 subjects), I finished 29 (47 subjects), and will attempt to finish and ship the remaining drawings to folks over the next two weeks in 3 separate shipments. If you commissioned a drawing from me and haven’t received it yet this how I plan to do things: If your invoice number is 2100, 2121, 2124, 2127 or 2129, I will be shipping your drawings out Tuesday, June 4th. With the exception of the aforementioned invoices, if your invoice number is 2132 or lower, I will try to finish and ship your drawings by the end of this weekend. If your invoice number is higher than 2132, I hope to finish and ship your drawings the weekend after.

I will upload blocks of images as I finish them to the above gallery, so if you’re wanting to be surprised, don’t peek. If you don’t see your illustration above: 1) I haven’t completed it yet, 2) You didn’t elect to consent to allow me to use your image online or via social media or 3) Both. If you change your mind and DO want to let me post your image, simply message me to change your election.

Thanks again for a great weekend!

-Stan Yan

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