80+ backers, and Vincent Price art still hangs in the balance!

Vincent Price Presents comic book Kickstarter update – last 24 hours!:

Thanks to Randall Jenkins, yet another one of my original zombie celebs is off the board: Don Knotts!

Don Knotts Zombified

But, believe it or not, good ol’ Vincent Price is still available! Granted, he’s a bit pricier, but I’m going to tell you why he’s a good bargain. Like most of the other original celebrity zombies, VP will come with all of the pencil study sketches I did for his drawing, INCLUDING an 11″x17″ full-color ink and colored pencil zombie caricature I did of him at the 2013 Artopia.vp_artopia  In addition, I plan to fill the pages with all of the extra space not filled with backers with an unspecified number of illustrations of the great Mr. Price at different stages of his long and illustrious film career (and maybe turning this into a kind of “Where’s Waldo”-style search book to boot! As such, I will be doing studies, and original illustrations of him for the book. Whomever backs the Original Art reward level for Vincent Price will get all of these mailed to them, each piece signed by me!

And, don’t forget, the flight attendant STAR-level reward character hasn’t been snatched up yet. That is the last of the premium characters! Note, I drew the character as a female stick figure, but it needn’t be so. This can be a male character!

If we get both of those backed, regardless at whatever pledge level we’re at, everyone backing this project at $5 or better will get the complete 252 pages of The Wang Omnibus (The Big One, Who’s Your Daddy?, and Erection Year).

Finally, don’t forget about all of those attractive add-on rewards, including the Walking Dead original sketch covers, the My Little Pony sketch covers, and the commissions. Early gift shopping for your zombiphile and brony friends has never been so easy!


Oh, and sorry I didn’t post this before now, but thanks to the guys at Eclectica Cafe for interviewing me about this project and chatting to me about the state of the comic book industry at the FoCo Comics & Gaming Fest a few weeks back. The interview can be heard here. My portion is around the 29:20 timestamp.

Well, here’s keeping our fingers crossed for a big last 24 hours! Remember to think about those friends you know would be disappointed about not knowing about this before it’s too late, and spread the word!

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