This page contains comics and books either by Stan or with contributions by Stan.  Not all of these titles are intended for all ages, each is labeled, and by clicking through, you are acknowledging that you are old enough to read it.

Panels & Text

This educational comic book is for sequential artists looking to improve their use of text and paneling in their comics and picture books. This was my supplementary text for my breakout session at the 2019 Lines & Letters Conference, starring my dog, Marmaduke!

Purchase 28 page, full-color Panels & Text comic book (6 3/4” x 8 3/4”)  $10.00 US

(Limited Quantities)


Saltwater Sillies

Where do crabs live? In sandcastles! Hundreds of ocean-themed jokes for kids ages 5-10. Knock-knocks, tongue twisters, one-liners, and puns will keep them laughing all the way to the beach. Includes fun facts plus kooky caricatures for kids to color in. Packable size to take on trips. Crack your friends and family up with the gift of humor. Written by Natasha Wing, Illustrated by Stan Yan. January 2020. Click on the image to the left for more information.

There’s a Zombie in the Basement

My whimsical, rhyming bedtime storybook inspired by my son’s fear of my zombie caricature artwork. April 2016. General (All-ages). Click on the image to the left for more information.

Regret: A Cancer Survivor’s Story

My new graphic novel in progress, Regret: a cancer survivor’s story, about my best friend, Bryan’s battle with cancer. General (All-ages).  Click on image to the left for more information.


SubCulture Omnibus
Join Jason, Arthur, Noel, and the entire Kingdom Comix crew as they live—and enjoy—the geek life in this funny and poignant look at fanboy (and fangirl) culture. Mature (13+).  Click on image to the left for more information.

The Wang

The Wang: The BIG One
The Wang follows the misadventures of Eugene Wang, graduating college student, and the spectacle of his dysfunctional relationships with his mom, girlfriend, and the very few other people in his lonely life.  The Wang can be seen as a story about the spiritual, erotic, and neurotic awakening of Eugene and those around him.  Mature (17+).  Click on image to the left for more information.

Vincent Price Presents: Zombicatures

What do Ronald Reagan, Jerry Fallwell and Bob Denver have in common? They’re all dead! What else do they have in common? Obscure comic artist, Stan Yan drew zombified caricatures of them. Is there a connection? Stan doesn’t think so, but the evidence—and the bodies—are stacking up, and Stan needs to figure out why, since he has also incidentally drawn one of himself for his business card.  General (All-ages).  Click on image to the left for more information.

Potlatch Infestation


As co-publisher for Potlatch: Comics to Benefit the CBLDF, Stan Yan ended up with an inordinate number of these books in his basement.  So, for few years, he tried to turn that to his advantage by offering it as an enticement for FREE to folks at conventions with any purchase.  Much to Yan’s surprise, people have become growingly suspicious that they are getting something that big for free.  Whadda they have to worry about?  That’s what this story, The Potlatch Infestation is about.  Starring characters from Yan’s The Wang series.  Mature (13+).  Click on image to the left for more information.

1 Block Down

1 Block Down

1 Block Down collects a series of humorous shorts about the quirky folks living on the same city block.  Mature (13+)  Click on image to the left for more information.

Anthologies and collections containing Stan’s work


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