The Potlatch Infestation

The Potlatch Infestation

by Stan Yan

As co-publisher for Potlatch: Comics to Benefit the CBLDF, Stan Yan ended up with an inordinate number of these books in his basement.  So, in the past few years, he’s tried to turn that to his advantage by offering it as an enticement for FREE to folks at conventions with any purchase.  Much to Yan’s surprise, people have become growingly suspicious that they are getting something that big for free.  Whadda they have to worry about?  That’s what this story, The Potlatch Infestation is about.  Starring characters from Yan’s The Wang graphic novels. General. 8 page b&w digest $1.00 US

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Potlatch 1

Potlatch 1: Comics to Benefit the CBLDF


Short stories from the EXPO 2001 anthology surplus. Features “(Jawwing) the Wang” by Stan Yan, a humorous story about working telephone support. 156 pgs. Full color cover, b&w interior.  Cover image shown by Stan Yan.

B&W Digest TPB, Mature, $4.95 US


 cover1Potlatch 3: Comics to benefit the SPA

Short stories from Squid Works’ own Stan Yan and a host of others. 2004, 96 pgs., Comic, square bound, color cover, b&w.  Cover image shown by Jeff Johns.

Comic, Mature, $6.95 US


 Potlatch4JEMCover_smallPotlatch #4

Features “Sunday Driver,” a non-fiction horror story about Stan’s first trip to SPACE in Columbus, Ohio.  2005, 108 pgs., comic, square bound, color cover, b&w.  Cover image shown by Joanne Mutch.  Comic, Mature, $6.95 US


 Pot7CatalogPotlatch #7


The latest installment of this Angry Dog Press publication includes the first six The Wang comic strips from the Squid Works’ own Stan Yan.  Other contributors include Chad Lambert, Cal Slayton, Joanne Mutch, Brad Foster, Kel Crum, Ron LeBrasseur, Lou Copeland, David Racine, Venes Alic, Sash Geleman and Steve Noppenberger.

Mature.  59 page, b&w comic, color square bound cover, $5.95 US  Out of stock!


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