Regret: A Cancer Survivor’s Story

The following pages are pages from a current project-in-progress, a graphic novel about my best friend’s battle with cancer.  If you would like to support this project or would like to be informed of progress on this project, make sure to join my mailing list.

Page 1 (Ink with Ink Washes, 2012)
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The preview issue of this book is available for order:

Regret: A Cancer Survivor’s Story Issue 1, 24 pg b&w comic
$5.00 US (2017)


7 thoughts on “Regret: A Cancer Survivor’s Story

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  2. Eleven pages in and you already have me crying. I’m not sure I can take another 94!

    Just kidding. Mostly.

    I just want to give everybody involved big ol’ hugs.

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