Erection Year

The Wang: Erection Year

“What if Charlie Brown grew up?” is how Wade Busby of The Guide described Eugene Wang, the protagonist of Yan’s graphic novel series, The Wang. “And what if Charlie Brown was Asian?” is the rhetorical question Yan dares to ask in this latest bound edition. The result is this attractive, square-bound collection — a pu pu platter of inside jokes that give readers a flavor of what it is like to grow up as an Chinese-American in a white bread town like Denver, Colorado. In addition to the introduction of Dildo, Kristin’s popular new pet wiener dog, story lines revolving around insider trading in the stock brokerage industry, … and the US Presidential erection (ahem) election run of Eugene’s college roomie and self-made motivational speaker, George, will leave readers full of laughter, and hungry for more an hour later.

ISBN/EAN13: 0975504185 / 9780975504185, 60 pg. b&w 8.25″ x 6″ book with color, square bound cover. Mature.  $6.95 US.  Shipping December 2009.  Available via Amazon.

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