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Denver Comic Con!!!

Hello! I wanted to just let you all know that I’m preparing for this weekend’s Denver Comic Con, so I probably won’t be working on the Vincent Price comic for a couple of weeks while I deal with the mailouts from the con I invariably will get. So if you’re looking for updates, don’t fret over the radio silence.

If any of you are in town and would like to visit me, I’ll be at booth 950 in the Merchant Mesa, listed in the exhibitors as “Zombicatures by Stan Yan”. You can also see me on Friday night at the Mile High Comics pre-party at their Jason St. warehouse superstore, and more than likely at the Saturday night Rock Comic-Con party at Lime in the Pavillions.

#950 in Merchant Mesa

Doing caricatures of folks as zombies, ponies and more!

See me for a custom caricature commission, one of my new celebrity zombie prints or original art, a t-shirt, or a signed copy of one of my comic books at booth number 950 in the Merchant Mesa, and I will be moderating a panel on Saturday about Colorado Indy Comics from 6 – 6:50 pm in room 303.

Last, but not least, I will be debuting a book by my 5-year old son, “Zombie and Pony and the Runaway Dog” (Saturday only (only 20 available!) – more information via Twitter @stan_yan).



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