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Animeland Wasabi Drones

045_color_panelWe’re about 6 months in weekly installments away from the conclusion of our REVVVelations series, and we’ll be asking you readers to have some input on how to end our story, so, keep up-to-date or start reading it now!

Also, I wanted to let those of you in the Denver area know that I’ll be exhibiting, doing zombie caricatures and pony caricatures, and teaching zombie drawing workshops at this weekend’s Animeland Wasabi convention in Denver.  Please come on down and see me!

Programming I’m involved in or running:

Friday, Feb. 28
– 3:00pm – Panel Room #1 – Marketing and Creating Comics in a screen-based world – Me, 8:15 Comics, Kathryn S. Renta
– 6:00pm – Panel Room #3 – Character driven Story Writing

Saturday, Mar. 1st
– 12:00pm – Panel Room #3 – Drawing Comic Characters you can draw again and again
– 6:00pm – Panel Room #3 – Drawing Zombies

Sunday, Mar. 2nd
– 10:00am – Panel Room #3 – Ponies vs. Zombies? What is wrong with this guy, and can these worlds co-exist? Me, Warky T. Chocobo

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