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Faceless conglomerates, HorrorFest, Free Comics, and prom!


054_color_cropThe Geek Squad is back in today’s installment of REVVVelations!  Can ANYONE shut our heroes up?


Speaking of “shut up”, you won’t believe how many different places you can catch Stan this weekend.  First, he’ll be set up in the HorrorFest dealer’s room at Starfest this weekend, including participation in a Sunday panel: Sunday, May 4 • 3:30pm – 4:25pm
Dark Images: Horror in Graphic Novels.  Saturday, Stan will be setting up to do free sketches for book buyers at I Want More Comics! at 104th & Huron in Northglenn from 11 am – 6 pm.  And, if you’re fortunate enough to go to Arapahoe High School, and you’re going to the after prom party, I will be there to draw caricatures of you and your friends!


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