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“Frightfully fun…” as described by Almost Normal!

Thanks to W.E. Elliott from Almost Normal Comics for the wonderful review of There’s a Zombie in the Basement:

There's a Zombie in the Basement cover

There’s a Zombie in the Basement is a 32-page, 8”x10” full color hardcover book written and illustrated by Stan Yan. Published by Squid Works Kids in conjunction with Mascot Books.

Here’s a neat kids book by indie comics artist Stan Yan that’s all about being scared. Strange sounds in the night feed the wild thoughts of dancing ghouls and creeping creatures in the imaginative mind of young Milo. Too frightened to sleep, Milo’s panicked pleas keep his parents from their slumber as they seek to reassure him there’s nothing to fear in the dark.

Stan Yan masterfully illustrates There’s a Zombie in the Basement with beautifully drawn and colored comical characters and creatures. Zombies, vampires, mimes, and a pink pony all fill the overactive mind of sleepless Milo and spill onto the pages of this frightfully fun book in brilliant scenes of childhood fears and parental reassurances. And Stan completes the whimsy of the tale by relating the entire story through rollicking, rhythmic rhymes!

Treat yourself and your young ones this Halloween season to There’s a Zombie in the Basement at and find more of Stan Yan’s stuff at and find even more neat things to read at

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