Girls of Geek, Carson, IndyFest and Anomalycon

Firstly, a belated thanks to Daniel Sharner (a.k.a. Smurf) from the Girls of Geek 12 podcast interviewed me about my Vincent Price comic book Kickstarter campaign last Sunday at the Walking Dead watch party down at the Lime Pavillions. That’s really where I announced the $3000 ORIGINAL ART stretch goal first. If you care to hear me talk about what got me into zombie caricatures and comics, and listen to me talk about the Walking Dead and South Park, you can listen to it here.

Secondly, I would like to let you know that thanks to Jeffry Rinkel, another one of my original celebrity zombicature illustrations is gone! That makes 3: Heath Ledger, Pat Morita, and now Johnny Carson! Vincent Price is still available along with all of the others appearing on my cover. And, don’t forget, you can simply add $15 to your contribution if you would like to get one of the 100 limited edition prints I have commissioned for each.

Carson Zombified
Carson Zombified


Jeffrey will also receive the original penciled studies!
Jeffrey will also receive the original penciled studies!

As I have continued to remind everyone, the best way to support me and this campaign is to continue to share it. I would like to thank IndyFest Magazine for doing precisely that, offering a sample preview of my story in their latest magazine (which is FREE, btw).

Finally, if any of you are in Denver, come visit me at Anomalycon! I will be doing a zombie and pony caricatures of attendees as well as a full slate of informative panels and readings you can see here.

Onward and upward! Our last week awaits!

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