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Goal reached! Stretch goal incentives announced!

I’m am excited to announce that my zombie children’s book Kickstarter has met it’s preliminary goal, so all backers will receive rewards!

Keep in mind, I’d like to continue raising money as a way to reduce the cover price for each of the books if possible, so keep spreading the word as a way of having a chance of winning the social media contest, getting the school of your choice a FREE visit from me, and don’t forget, you can ADD-ON to your reward choice!

ADD-ON REWARDS (add additional funds to your pledge (only for initial pledges of $25 or more)):

  • $20 for each additional shirt (+$5 for adult or women’s sizes XXL or larger)
  • $35 for zombie girl doll from Bitten Designs (only 20 dolls will be made available, including dolls included in other reward levels)
  • $30 for a B&W zombicature, color ponicature, or b&w sketch (single subject) $50 for a zombicature, or color sketch (single subject)
  • $25 for the ADDITION of each additional subject for your sketches
  • $15 for each additional book
  • NEW: $5 a DVD of the companion video of the story narrated by the voice talents of me, my wife AND Milo, my son, and the book PDF!

Now onto the new stretch goal incentives:

stretchgoalsSo, please keep spreading the word or add additional books or t-shirts to your pledge! You have until the morning of November 30th to make your changes. I will also be doing the last social media contest drawing on that date!


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