Help us end REVVVelations!


Looks like Team X is excited about the win, but not as excited as Moose is, now that they’ve found the key to the “Bible Belt”.

This is the last strip before the 3 strips that will constitute the finale.   If you’ve been following this strip for awhile, you will know that Jolyon and I both created our own finales, so the finale will actually comprise of 6 strips (2 separate 3 strip finales), which we want our readers to vote on for which will be the official ending for our upcoming print volume.  Note, there MIGHT be a couple weeks of me catching up with my coloring and press releases.

Voting will be easy.  We’ll post all 6 last strips at the same time in two separate posts.  All you will need to do is submit your vote in the comments section (on the REVVVelations site)… clearly indicate you’re voting for that particular ending.  Please note, multiple posts won’t count as multiple votes from each unique commenter name/email.  Please don’t cheat.

What you can do for us in the meantime, please spread the word. Let folks know to come and catch up with the story so they can make an educated decision!

Go there now!

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