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Huzzah! We have a villain!

Happy news from Anomalycon! Thanks to Charles F. For stepping up to the plate to be our villain for my Vincent Price comic book Kickstarter! Which means everyone contributing $10 or more will be receiving original art! That leaves the flight attendant as the only remaining premium character, although there are also original celebrity Zombicature illustrations rewards available, including the book’s namesake, Vincent Price. And, don’t forget the limited edition (100 of each) prints of each of the celebrities are available for add-on for just $15 each or $100 for the set of all 10.

So, our next stretch goal will be $4000. At that level, I will give everyone contributing at the $5 level or better a PDF of a book I mention “The Wang: The BIG One”, which is currently out of print, so this is the only way you can get it right now, and actually isn’t even available for public purchase in any form. This will force me to work on it so I can come out with a second edition of this book. This is a book that’s seen on page 3 of the Vincent Price book and features characters seen in the “Potlatch Infestation”, the book you’ll be getting from our first stretch goal.

So, those of you backing me at only the $1 level, please consider modifying your backing level so you can at least get the PDF’s of these books, you can still request to remain anonymous if you so desire.

Thanks again, and as always, spread the word!


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