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Interviewed by Middle Age Middle School

I’m still getting coverage of my There’s a Zombie in the Basement rhyming bedtime storybook Kickstarter as well as my recently published Vincent Price Presents: Zombicatures comic book on the Middle Age Middle School Podcast:

There’s only 10 days left! So, if you’ve been sitting on the fence, don’t let the Thanksgiving holiday make you forget about this. Please back me now and spread the word so everyone can get this cool book. Visit my campaign page now, and see the entire book cover-to-cover in my video!

I wanted to take a moment to share a project that I’ve backed that I think some of you dog lovers will dig, Santa's GreyhoundSanta’s Greyhound by Kelsey Wooley, a heart-warming tale about a dog that lives at the North Pole and dreams to one day pull Santa’s sleigh. As some of you know my greyhound, Dot, passed away on Monday, so this project was something that I really needed to have this Christmas, and you can too for a couple more days.

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