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I’ve been interviewed on the Disjointed Podcast

Thanks to David Germain for interviewing me on the Disjointed Podcast about my children’s picture book (pre-orders end at the end of this month), and about how I got to where I am in my career.

If you can do me a favor, since I only have a week and a half left, and I still have over $1100 to reach my goal, please spread the word about my campaign, and your name will be entered into my weekly drawing which will win a school of your choice a FREE visit by me! These books make great gifts for your friends that have kids or for your friends who are childlike adults!

If you’re already backing me, let me clarify something that folks have asked me about. I know some of you had to make tough decisions about whether to get the book with the doll or the t-shirt, since there’s no reward level that contains both. But, you CAN get both (or multiple shirts, books, etc). To keep things simple, limited the reward levels to keep things simple, but if you WANT to get both or multiples, simply add to your contribution level, and at the campaign, for any backer that has funding in excess of the reward level they have chosen, I will contact them to find out what add-on reward they wanted. Here are the add on rewards:

ADD-ON REWARDS (add additional funds to your pledge (only for initial pledges of $30 or more)):

  • $20 for each additional shirt (+$5 for adult or women’s sizes XXL or larger)
  • $35 for zombie girl doll from Bitten Designs (only 20 dolls will be made available, including dolls included in other reward levels)
  • $30 for a B&W zombicature, color ponicature, or b&w sketch (single subject)
  • $50 for a zombicature, or color sketch (single subject)
  • $25 for the ADDITION of each additional subject for your sketches
  • $15 for each additional book

This is also available on my campaign page if you scroll down towards the bottom here.

I wanted to take a moment to share a project that I’ve backed that I think you zombiphiles might have an interest in, zilf“ZILF by Tim Marquez”, A humorous zombie novel written by the dark and demented mind behind the Demon Squad! He’s down to the last few days of his campaign, so please do him a favor and visit his page and at least learn about his funny, funny book!

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