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Long overdue update on Vincent Price project

My original goal of finishing inserting my backers and finishing the art for my Vincent Price Comic Book project before my appearance at next weekend’s San Diego Comic Con (small press table K-14) is not going to happen. Not a huge surprise considering all of the mailouts I had to complete after the Denver Comic Con, wedding travels, and my recent involvement with the VSA / Access Gallery in writing a comic book that will be painted by their students on a wooden tapestry for a third Friday opening in August (more details to come).

But, to show you I’m still working, here are the most recent characters I’ve inserted, and I only have one more original art backer to plug in and the rest will be completely digitally illustrated in:

I will continue to work on the digital extras for the rest of weekend and while I’m on the road, and depending on my mailouts from San Diego, hopefully, I’ll only miss this deadline by a few weeks.

Thanks for your patience!

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