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My books in Colorado Springs!

Unfortunately for all of you who went down to Colorado Springs to attend the 2nd annual Red-Headed Zombie awards show, it was postponed due to the inclement weather.  Sadly, the date, March 22nd, is a date I won’t be able to swing.  Happily, my challenging drive wasn’t all for not, as I was able to introduce my books to some shops that haven’t previously carried my work!  I’m happy to add the following stores to my list of supporting retailers:

CK Comics and Collectibles, Manitou Springs

Escape Velocity Comics & Graphic Novels, Colorado Springs (both locations)

We3, Colorado Springs

and although not a new supporting location, thanks to Muse Comics for continuing indulge me by stocking my books.

If you live or are visiting the area, please visit these retailers to support them, where you can find one or more of these books in stock:

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