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Nanook’s Ice Bucket Challenge

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Thanks to Tanya Higgins, who nominated me for the Ice Bucket Challenge.  I thought that last thing we needed was yet one more video of someone dumping a bucket of ice water on their head, so I decided to draw you a comic of that.  With the help of Deacon Gray, who provided the unsolicited seed that germinated into this comic, I hope to provide a new life to this worthy cause, a cause that is close to my heart, as my mother, Margaret Yan, battled this disease for 7 long years. So, we have collectively nominated other cartoonists to hopefully continue to draw spontaneous comic strips for the ice bucket challenge as their way of fulfilling their nominations.  With that, we nominate Drew Litton, Ron Ruelle, Stan Silliman, Kevin Macguire and Cracked.com to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!




Here’s a comic I did about my mom back in 2002 for the AltBrand MDA comic-a-thon that later appeared in the A United Front 2003 anthology:

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