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Next Social Media Contest winner announced!

Before I get onto the next Social Media Contest winner for my There’s a Zombie in the Basement Kickstarter campaign, I wanted to thank everyone for their tremendous support for my campaign. Even compared to my wildly successful Vincent Price Presents comic book Kickstarter, I’ve had more folks share my campaign with their social networks than I could have hoped. In large part, that’s why we’ve just passed the 2/3rd’s mark for funding my whimsical, rhyming children’s book, inspired by my son’s fear of my zombie artwork.

That’s the good news. The bad news is we have only 10 days left to raise another $920, or this project just goes away. What does that mean? Here are the metrics:

Screen shot 2015-11-19 at 4.52.48 PM

We have $2,080 from 49 backers, which is an average of $42.45 contributed per person. If new backers continue at this rate, I have 22 more backers that need to come aboard, or more than 2 new backers a day. To make this happen, I’ll need you guys to continue to help me spread the word! Don’t forget I have retailer levels for those of you who want 10 or more books. Tell your local retailer, school or library to pre-order (those are sold less than 1/2 cover and are larger pledges). Of course, every share per the instructions in this blog post will get your name in my fishbowl to give a school of your choice a FREE visit from me to do a dramatic reading and monster drawing workshop. So, selfishly share away!

Alternately, if each of the 49 backers ADDED a t-shirt to their pledge ($20) or increased their reward level by some equivalent amount, we wouldn’t need to add ANY new backers. If you’re backing my project and would like to do this, just to go to the manage button to add the amount you nominate for the cost.

ADD-ON REWARDS (add additional funds to your pledge (only for initial pledges of $25 or more)):

  • $20 for each additional shirt (+$5 for adult or women’s sizes XXL or larger)
  • $35 for zombie girl doll from Bitten Designs (only 20 dolls will be made available, including dolls included in other reward levels)
  • $30 for a B&W zombicature, color ponicature, or b&w sketch (single subject)
  • $50 for a zombicature, or color sketch (single subject)
  • $25 for the ADDITION of each additional subject for your sketches
  • $15 for each additional book

Since it appears that we’re going to be cutting it close, and we’re probably not going to be talking about any stretch goal rewards, I would like to point out that the $15 cost for each additional book will be at a significant discount to the final cover price of the book I will likely have to charge. So, now’s a good time to get a few extra books for friend and family gifts!

And, I have one more BIG announcement which I will make in our announcement of the winner of this week’s social media contest!

Congratulations, Mindy Delmez!

And, YES, you heard it here first: I will be giving all backers at the $25 reward level a downloadable companion video of the story narrated by the voice talents of me, my wife AND Milo, my son! If you would like a physical DVD of this mailed to you with your reward, simply ADD-ON $5 to your pledge.


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