Page 16 of Vincent Price project

The following are the roughs, pencils and final colors for page 16 of Vincent Price Presents Kickstarter project:

This may be the first page of possibly the most controversial page of my story, as I ask for one of the “Stars” of my story to be a male who could pass as Middle-Eastern. But, the more I think of it, it might not really matter, since whomever I put in the costume will be funny and it would still work in the context of my story. I will probably solicit more thoughts from you after I post the next page or two.

The numbered stick figures are places I will be inserting the illustrated likenesses of some of my funders, and the background, unnumbered figures are where the “extras” funders will go.

Again, visit my project page, where a link will be as soon as the campaign has launched. Please help me out and share this will your interested family and friends.

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