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Page 7 process animated

Here’s an animated GIF of my page 7 process for Regret: A Cancer Survivor’s Story.

Regret: Page 7 AnimatedI’ve officially moved my whole script over to Scrivener to help with my edits (and to learn how to use the application), so this is how this page of script looks:



Exterior view of Mandalay Bay casino and hotel.


Today, we went down to the Mandalay Bay to meet Amy and Bryan for lunch at the House of Blues.  Apparently, this is only the second time Bryan has been out of the house for something non-medical related in the two months since he’d first noticed something was wrong – he was turning yellow.


Erica and I sitting at video gaming machines at Mandalay Bay.


I lost some money playing video roulette before making some of it back on Jackpot Party, a game that had been toying with Erica’s emotions, and more importantly, her money, while waiting for Bryan and Amy to arrive.


Long shot of Amy carefully escorting a tall, thin, frail figure that only vaguely resembled what I remember as being Bryan.


During a call to inform us that they had arrived, we saw them.  He’d warned us that he’d lost almost 50 pounds, but I wasn’t prepared to see what once had been an always-imposing hulk of a man, withered down to the thin, frail facade standing before us.


Perhaps an inset panel of a close-up of Bryan – frail, yet cheerful.


Even though he’d been going through dialysis for his failed kidneys, he still retained a distinctly yellow hue about him, but his dark sunken eyes looked at us happily and brightly, the happiest Amy said she’d seen him in a long time.


Silhouette of Bryan and me in an embrace.


I think this is the first time I’ve hugged him where his grip didn’t threaten to crack a rib or two.

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