Page 8 of Regret complete!


Only 93 pages to go! I will continue to add new pages to the project page so you can read them in sequence here.

This page was created from this original script page:


Similar to panel 4, page six, but zombified.


As I looked at him, I couldn’t help but feel a certain bit of guilt for taking money from people at Comic-Con to draw them up as zombie caricatures.  Is that bad of me to say?


Long shot of us sitting at a table eating our food at the House of Blues.  Bryan has a personal pizza with tomato slices on it.  Erica and I each had cobb salads, and Amy had some sort of sandwich and fries.


Ironically, the reason we moved to Las Vegas was we were looking for one last adventure before we got too old to throw caution to the wind.


When you rubbed that genie’s lamp, you needed to be way more specific.


The doctor told me I shouldn’t eat tomatoes, but they’re one of the few things I can keep down.

It’s been a crazy last two months, but it actually started before that….


Image of Bryan in a security outfit doubled over in pain with a box dropping from his hands.


…About a half-dozen weeks before I turned yellow, working at New York New York, I was helping to carry some fairly light gaming boxes when I strained my shoulder really bad.

Only much later after my cancer was diagnosed was I told by one of my nurses that this twinge, strange as it may seem, directly tied to my dysfunction in my gall bladder.

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