Page 8 of Vincent Price project

The following are the roughs, inks and final colors for page 8 of Vincent Price Presents Kickstarter project:

The numbered stick figures are places I will be inserting the illustrated likenesses of some of my funders, and the background, unnumbered figures are where the “extras” funders will go.

You may have noticed that on many of my pages, from roughs to inks to colors, I change things quite a bit. The first panel of this page might be the most I’ve changed stuff.The first panel of this page might be the most I’ve changed stuff. I didn’t like how the detail of the table framed the panel, and I’d changed the content of the table right from page 1, so I made some major modifications. I scan the hand drawn inks for the different levels of depth and put them on separate layers so I can change things as necessary, yet retain a lot of the organic feel of hand drawn inks. In this case, it allowed me to realize how enormous Brendan walking by in the background was, so I reduced him substantially from what you see in the inking phase.

Again, visit my project page, where a link will be as soon as the campaign has launched. Please help me out and share this will your interested family and friends.

If you would like to see the page 1 and 2 update go here, page 3 is here, page 4 is here, page 5 is here, page 6 is here, and page 7 is here.

This project is dedicated to the memory of Brendan Wenberg (January 5, 1979 – October 24, 2014)

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