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009Only 92 pages to go! I will continue to add new pages to the project page so you can read them in sequence here.

This was created from this script page:


Back to the House of Blues.  Medium shot of Amy and Bryan eating at the table.  Bryan has a shocked look on his face as he continues to tell the story.


One morning, he turned yellow.


…and my poop was gray!


We rushed him to the urgent care clinic, and the real circus started.


Image of Bryan and Amy in the clinic.  Bryan is lying back on an observation table.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009.  Bryan was admitted to the urgent care clinic, where he got a cat scan.  When a growth was detected, he was allowed to go to the ER for admittance to the hospital.  When he was admitted, his bilirubin count was over 40.  For a normal person, it needed to be under 1.

He spent two weeks in the hospital.


Close up of Bryan lying on the observation table with a disoriented look on his face.  A thought balloon rises from his head of a hot, desert scene.


It was Bryan’s impression that they were busy doing whatever they could to make his jaundice worse at first, depriving him of water.

In retrospect, he assumes that it was so the biopsy, cat scan, and ultrasound that he would eventually get would be clearer to read, but he’s unsure whether or not they were just torturing him.


Image of a stent.


Eventually, they put a stent through one of his growths so his bile would no longer be obstructed, which was supposed to bring down his jaundice.  This brought his bilirubin count down to 12 — much better, but still way too high.

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