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Photos from 2018 San Diego Comic Con

Here are photos from last week’s at San Diego Comic Con! Yet again, the response to my work was heart-warming this year. We took 42 commissions, featuring 112 subjects, which included some unique ones I’ve never drawn before, like bears, actual ponies drawn as ponies, Eleven (from Stanger Things), The Purge and a shark driving a low rider. I still have 6 to draw, including 51 more subjects. Here are photos from the convention:

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I will continue to update this gallery as I finish new photos. If you’re still waiting for your drawing, I hope to have them finished and mailed out in two weeks. If you would like the results to be a surprise, please refrain from looking at the gallery.

I also was happy to have sold a 23 copies of There’s a Zombie in the Basement (please drop me a review on Amazon or Goodreads) and 3 copies of Regret: A Cancer Survivor’s Story to some new patrons.

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