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Photos from Colorado Horror Con

Here are photos from this past weekend’s Colorado Horror Con & Halloween Film Festival:

This first-year event was lightly attended, but fun, friendly, and kept me busy, as you can see. It was also the venue for the launch of my Kickstarter for my children’s picture book inspired by my son’s fear of my zombie artwork, There’s a Zombie in the Basement. If you have kids or know of someone who has kids, it’s definitely worth a look. If it excites you, please share it!

Check out some of the buzz about this project:

And, you can see my first ever TV commercials during my friend, Dan Connor’s TV show, My Gal, The Zombie, each Friday from 7-9 pm on channel 10.1 antenna in Denver.

I’ll be doing some artist talks in the Denver Metro Area, some in conjunction with Vincent Price Presents comic book signings:

Please help me make this project a success. If you can’t back my project, you can still support me by sharing it with your friends and family!

Again, you can go to my Kickstarter page here.

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