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Photos from Denver Comic Con!

I am happy to say, Denver Comic Con was an improvement over the previous year. We took 61 commissions, of which I still have 31 to draw before heading out to San Diego for Comic-Con International. I also was happy to have sold more copies of There’s a Zombie in the Basement than last year — 19 — and few copies of Regret as well. As expected, my son sold out of his book, thanks to your enthusiasm!

Here is a gallery of photos from DCC and my completed drawings:

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I will continue to update this as I finish blocks of drawings, so stay tuned! I will try to change the preview image on my home page every time I add drawings.

If you would like to commission an illustration or book me for an event, visit my commission site at and don’t forget to review my book on Amazon!

Oh, and thanks to ActOutGames for featuring me on their YouTube Channel:

Our booth on the CW DCC Scavenger Hunt!

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