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Photos from DiNK 2019 / CTLC19

As usual, DiNK proved to be one of the most fun events of the year, kind of like a reunion of comic book creator friends, and while its never the most lucrative conventions for me, this was still the most lucrative DiNKs to date, thanks to Stacey, who held down the fort for me on Saturday while I was attending the Colorado Teen Literature Conference (CTLC), and brisk book sales (I sold 17 copies of There’s a Zombie in the Basement)!

CTLC was extremely fun as well, getting to know my fellow local creators a lot better and I gave literature about RMC-SCBWI and my own school visits to loads of librarians!

Here are some photos from both events:

If you commissioned an illustration for me at DiNK and don’t see a photo of you and your illustration in the gallery, 1) I’m working on it as we speak and will mail it out tomorrow if at all possible (I will update the image in this gallery when it’s done), 2) You failed to circle that you DO consent to my use of your image on the commission sheet (you can message me change this if you wish) or 3) both.

Next stop? Walker Stalker Chicago this weekend! If you’re there, please stop by my booth, 215! I’ll draw you a unique event memento second to none!

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