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Photos from NDK 2015 / Buffalo Bill Daze & CAF

Here are a few photos from this past weekend’s NDK Denver:

While it was nice to get back to this convention, the new location was a mixed bag in my opinion. 1) I’ve always contended that this convention was too big for the Marriott DTC, the first year that they moved there, keeping a lot of artists away from being able to exhibit. 2) This might have been a mixed blessing, since sales were down since 2 years ago quite substantially. 3) This new location was expensive, parking being $34 on Friday for the day. All in all, it was still a good con with little overhead, networking with vendors I don’t normally see at other cons, but with Artist Alley hours that are really more appropriate for someone 20 years younger than me. One last highlight: The artist who created the Lego diorama of the NDK Artist Alley for the model contest included a table that represented me in spite of the fact that I missed this con last year! (I’m sorry I didn’t remember your name!)

Coming up this weekend, I will be doing caricatures and theme caricatures up at the Georgetown Loop Railroad’s Buffalo Bill Daze, Friday, September 11 – 13th from 9 am – 5 pm (except for Saturday, when I’ll only be there until noon). My artwork will also be on display in the art show, which will be on the Silverthorne side of the Georgetown Loop Railroad, which is likely where I will set up (although, I will be mobile and may move around a bit).

Saturday, from 2- 6 pm, I will be doing FREE digital caricatures at Escape Velocity Comics’ Comic Art Fest for folks who sign up for my mailing list. I may also sign some books for you if you insist.

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