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Photos from Walker Stalker Con in Chicago

This is a gallery of finished zombie and pony caricatures from Walker Stalker Con in Chicago:

More illustrations will be added to this gallery as I complete the mail-out commissions!  Visit again for more fun!

3 thoughts on “Photos from Walker Stalker Con in Chicago

  1. I never received my daughters picture and do not see it online ,
    Haley Aleck 10 years old ..
    You were going to do one with her head in a basketball hoop or something since she loved basketball ,
    Please advise . Thank you

    • Heather. This doesn’t ring a bell, but I’ll run it by Stacey, my booth assistant to see if she remembers taking this commission. I’ll also go back through my commission sheets this afternoon to see if either of your names pops up.

    • Heather, I looked through all of my commission sheets from Walker Stalker Chicago, and didn’t find any sheets with you or your daughter’s name on it, so I’m guessing it was the other guy who you commissioned your drawing from. I wish I could remember the name of his booth (TK Caricature???). I hope you got a business card from whomever you commissioned yours from so you can be sure and reach out.

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