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Photos from Walker Stalker Denver

Thanks to all of my fans who came out in “hordes” to Walker Stalker Con in Denver this past weekend. 84 of you commissioned zombie or pony caricatures from me, and 23 of you bought copies of my new children’s book, There’s a Zombie in the Basement. I drew feverishly for two days, drawing 56 of you into 34 drawings. These will be the start of my gallery. I have another 50 drawings more to do, which I will try my darndest to finish in the next two weeks while also shipping out Kickstarter rewards to my There’s a Zombie in the Basement backers. I will post batches of drawings here as I finish them, so keep an eye on this post to see if your drawings have been done yet and are on the way to you soon. I will change the featured image for this post every time I add any new drawings.

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