Potlatch Infestation UNLOCKED! Next stretch goal announced!

I want to give a special thanks to Lisa Chapman, who backed my Vincent Price comic book Kickstarter at the $250 level as a gift to her friend, David Henderson, one of the fine special effects makeup artists at Monster Makeup FX, so he could be the “Accidental Terrorist” (also known as “the guy with diarrhea”). This contribution officially pushes us over our $2,500 stretch goal, so everyone backing me for at least $5 will receive a pdf of the book “The Potlatch Infestation”, written by and illustrated by me, and referred to in this book fairly extensively by the villain.

A bonus reward is this video that gives you a look at the creation process of this book.

Secondly, I want to announce the stretch goal I am going to give anyone who I’m mailing something to… backers that contributed $10 or more: ORIGNAL ART!

So, you know each of the inked black ink drawings for the book I drew? I am going to cut those apart and sign them and randomly send each inked drawing out with your reward. You don’t know what you’re going to get, so it’ll be a cool surprise you’ll get enclosed with your signed, bagged and boarded comic book.

If we make it to $3000, we will unlock this reward!

Thanks to the Smurf from the Girls of Geek 12 Podcast for interviewing me about my project, and where I announced this stretch goal reward.

So, don’t forget the cool add-ons listed on my page, and make sure to spread the word about my project so your friends, family, and your enemies alike don’t miss out on something they might be pissed about missing out on! These will all help us move forward towards this next stretch goal!

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2 thoughts on “Potlatch Infestation UNLOCKED! Next stretch goal announced!

  1. Stan, tell them all about your picture book, “Zombies In the Basement!” one child’s nightmarish horror of a darkened, blackened room with creaks and groans– how could anyone go to sleep in this atmosphere?

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