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REVVVelations: the end is nigh at Salt Lake City Comic Con


If you’ve been my REVVVelations webstrip for awhile, you will know that Jolyon and I both created our own finales, so the finale will actually comprise of 6 strips (2 separate 3 strip finales), which we want our readers to vote on for which will be the official ending for our upcoming print volume. These final 6 strips will be published on September 5th. Go to the REVVVelations site to find out more about voting or catch up with the story so you can make an educated decision!

This ending will coincide with my appearance at the Salt Lake City Comic Con! I will be doing zombie and pony caricatures in the Artist Alley at the Ponies vs. Zombies: Caricatures by Stan Yan table (as of now, I’m unsure whether it’s Green 19 or Red 22).


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