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Stickers finally available online!

Sticker 3-pack

Purchase sticker 3-pak (any combination) $6.00 US


Your pleas have been heard! I’m happy to announce that you can finally purchase my stickers online on my There’s a Zombie in the Basement page. Each is one of the characters in my book or a rendition of which I’ve redesigned for an upcoming project, which my VOYEUR-LEVEL patrons are starting to learn about. Of course, my COLLECTOR-LEVEL patrons will get my latest sticker (as usual, and a special additional gift) mailed to them for FREE in the next day or two. But, all of my generous patrons can also buy the sticker packs at a patron-only discount by logging into my secret patron-only site. (password required) – (patrons, please check your Patron messages for the password)

Thanks again to my patrons for your ongoing support! If you would like to learn more about being a patron, visit my Patreon page.

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