I’m on IMHO Radio Podcast
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I’m on IMHO Radio Podcast

Eddie Cabot was nice enough to have me on tonight’s episode of In My Humble Opinion Radio Podcast on RainbowRadio.fm to talk to me about my career and my upcoming children’s book. Continue reading

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My books in Colorado Springs!

Unfortunately for all of you who went down to Colorado Springs to attend the 2nd annual Red-Headed Zombie awards show, it was postponed due to the inclement weather.  Sadly, the date, March 22nd, is a date I won’t be able to swing.  Happily, my challenging drive wasn’t all for not, as I was able to … Continue reading

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Groovey.tv interview with me

Thanks to Doug from Groovey.tv for interviewing me.  This interview is a part of a pre-Mile High Horror Film Festival series he’s doing.  Sorry my computer slide show didn’t show up really well in the video. Continue reading

REVVVelations – 218: Out of retirement

REVVVelations – 218: Out of retirement

Check out the latest installment of Jolyon Yates’ and my action adventure webcomic!  Moose and Essie are coming “Out of retirement”, so to speak.  If you haven’t read our comic before, make sure to go back through the archives to catch up on the story! Continue reading