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Warmest Wishes!

My holiday gift to you is this: If you book me for a school visit before January 31, 2017 (The actual visit can be any date in 2017), I will donate 6 copies of my picture book, There’s a Zombie in the Basement to your school library, classroom, or for a fundraiser for each hour of my visit!

Your holiday gift to me? Vote for There’s a Zombie in the Basement under for the Golden Book Awards (scroll down to children’s books and click on the radio button under the thumbnail under my book. If you don’t the button, you need to continue scrolling down under the first set of thumbnails). Vote here and vote often (I think you can vote as many times as you want).

Your holiday gift to others? Don’t be a bad parent, relative or friend. You can get a personalized signed copy of  There’s a Zombie in the Basement as a belated holiday gift.

Join me for my upcoming readings!

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