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We made it: A REAL post-mortem!

Yes, I may have been pre-mature in posting my Pre-Post Mortem on November 12th, but I thought it might be helpful for those of you who were looking at running your own campaigns. Now that my campaign has finished it’s pledge drive, I can take a more objective look at what happened and try to draw some conclusions, whether or not there was a causal relationship or not.

So, one of the things that every campaign is generally supposed to experience is a bounce in funding early in the campaign and at the end of a campaign. Was it true in this case? No. Why was this the case? I’ve hypothesized in retrospect that it was a mistake launching and ending my campaign on holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving). While my Vincent Price Kickstarter followed this pattern, reaching 1/2 way past my goal 3 hours into it’s launch, I had a launch party, which I didn’t have this time. Granted, I thought that launching in conjunction with an event (The Colorado Horror Con) I was at might work, but it was lightly attended, and folks had to pay admission to get in. I DID feel like I was able to successfully generate media coverage, just as I had with the Vincent Price Kickstarter, but it didn’t turn into attendance. It still was my second best day of the campaign, generating over $400 in a single day.

Anyone who “stars” a campaign would get a 48 hour reminder before the end of the campaign. I hypothesized that because I was giving away the entire story in my video that folks would fall in love with my story (as so many of you did at events), do this, and back my campaign at the end really didn’t pan out. I hope not too many of you who only check their e-mails or social media at work did this and ended up missing backing my campaign this morning before it ended.

While I had a lot of lulls, including one which lasted 4 days with no new backers, one of the interesting things I noticed was that normally those lulls were accompanied by silence from me. I found that each time I posted a campaign update, it tended to remind people of my project (granted, each time, I shared the update via social media). As people in advertising know, repeated exposure to something in various ways tends to help generate brand awareness and sales. Did this happen with me? Perhaps. I also felt like my updates were substantial for the most part, which helped. What do I mean? Well, with a couple of exceptions, including my campaign update this morning simply informing folks that my campaign was ending in 2 1/2 hours, I offered insights into my campaign, offered video tutorials, or offered clarification or addition of rewards.

One very positive difference between this campaign and my last was I found that I had a lot more support from old high school friends and folks that in the past had for the most part ignored my comic book projects that were geared more towards adults. This might simply be a demographic thing, where folks I went to school with had more in common with me in this kid-oriented project than with my adult comics, which were often laced with political content and low-brow humor. Happily, I’m transitioning my career towards kidlit, which should help me continue to leverage connections I have and continue to grow a new segment of my fan base.

Last but not least, I had a lot more social media sharing of my campaign, probably for the same reasons. Speaking of which, I will be filming my last social media contest drawing when my son gets home from school, so we can see who else’s school I will be visiting next Spring! Stay tuned!

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