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Zombies at ComicFest and Anomalycon

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be exhibiting and presenting at two upcoming conventions in Denver: ComicFest, this weekend and Anomalycon March 25th-27th.

12063775_10153613394113805_6812284739770872777_nAt ComicFest, I will be doing zombie and pony caricatures. I also will be giving a FREE set of artist cards for anyone pre-ordering my upcoming zombie picture book, There’s a Zombie in the Basement.

If everything goes as expected, I will be debuting There’s a Zombie in the Basement at Anomalycon, where I will be involved in the following panels:

5 pm Children’s Books (Wind River B)
6 pm Speed Drawing (Chasm Creek B)
Noon: Crowd Funding with Passion (Wind River A)
2 pm: Don’t Starve Artist (Chasm Creek B)
9 pm: Secret Love Lives of Zombies (Wind River A)
3 pm: Digital Art (Chasm Creek B)

Anomalycon 2016 PrintIf I have books in hand, I will also be giving this FREE limited-edition, signed Anomalycon-exclusive prints to the first 25 people to either 1) Buy a copy of my book or 2) Pick up their pre-ordered book / Kickstarter rewards.

Keep an eye on on me here and via Facebook and Instagram for updates on the status of book delivery!

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